Welcome to the Soundtracks  website!We're a musical group with simple/complex Mythology & We're DRUG FREE (except for the occasional Guiness)
Philosophically we believe in the healing Power of Music & Humor. 
 I met John Shea in 2016 and we became fast friends.Johns worked with the best Elvis Presley imitator in the world Justin Shandor endorsed by Graceland no less.                                                                  We share a love for great music of all styles and both started our love of music through exposer to Rockabilly.For me it was Wicked Ruby by  Danny Zella & the Zell Rocks.  

   The Soundtracks Music consists of Lively Covers and Originals, We have a diverse tastes in Music including all genres of art  and may include all Americana music including acoustic favorites. There is a strong interest in the members in the History of  Music as it relates to Human History & Social Justice for it is the sacrifices of our forebearers that gives us the freedoms that make Life worthwhile!   Health & Joy to All!,                                   The Soundtracks & Friends
‘Kindness is my religion’  Dalai Lama
'Where there is love there is life.' Mahatma Ghandi
The Power of Now. Eckhart Tolle  The Life of Helen Keller
 Contact us @  rmorris36123@gmail.com     503-878-0411

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