Welcome to the Soundtracks  website!We're a musical group with simple/complex Mythology & We're DRUG FREE (except for the occasional Guiness)
Philosophically we believe in the healing Power of Music & Humor. 
 I met John Shea in 2016 and we became fast friends.Johns worked with the best Elvis Presley imitator in the world Justin Shandor endorsed by Graceland no less.                                                                  We share a love for great music of all styles and both started our love of music through exposer to Rockabilly.For me it was Wicked Ruby by  Danny Zella & the Zell Rocks.  

   The Soundtracks Music consists of Lively Covers and Originals, We have a diverse tastes in Music including all genres of art  and may include all Americana music including acoustic favorites. There is a strong interest in the members in the History of  Music as it relates to Human History & Social Justice for it is the sacrifices of our forebearers that gives us the freedoms that make Life worthwhile!   Health & Joy to All!,                                   The Soundtracks & Friends
‘Kindness is my religion’  Dalai Lama
'Where there is love there is life.' Mahatma Ghandi
The Power of Now. Eckhart Tolle  The Life of Helen Keller
 Contact us @  rmorris36123@gmail.com     503-878-0411

Previous events


Sacred Cows play Mt Hood Farmers Mkt

United States, Proctor Blvd, Sandy

The Cowbells play at an open mic setting every Saturday. Come on and join the fun! Its just east of the Sandy Dairy Queen. Bring your comedy chops too.

Sacred Cows play Mt Hood Farmers Mkt

 —  —

Gateway Pub, 39100 Proctor Blvd, Sandy, Oregon

The Cowbells Rock the Gateway with a mix of R&R,Country & Originals that aim to please!

Come on down & join us for a Cool One.

No Cover Age limit: 21+

Replaced Bass Player & Added a Guitarist


We have replaced James as our bass player with Chris Cummins and added Will Mann on guitar.
Hope to see you soon! Roland

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